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Blu-ray Schmu-ray: Are you ready for 4K?

Most of us aren’t even up to speed on 3D TV’s in our home and already they are showing 4K sets. I am sure most readers are getting that old eye-glaze right now, but for those of you figuring out your next TV buy is 4K anything to get excited over? I mean, what is 4K anyway?

Essentially 4K TV has about four times the amount of pixels on the screen as Blu-ray does. We are talking super sharp resolution here. But is 4K ready for prime time yet? Yes, but only if you have an extra $20,000 or more to spend on a TV, and need a huge screen. Once you bring it home your only other concern will be that there is no 4K media available: discs, downloads, broadcasts, nada. These new sets will up convert a Blu-ray disc though to 4K, but that’s it.

Bottom line? Wait. By the time we get the 4K media the sets will be cheaper and better. But if you can’t there are some high end TV salespeople who would love to talk to you.